Range hood filters effectively capture grease and grime, but they must be disposed of somewhere. Grease will clog the filters of the canopy if it is not maintained regularly. You will begin to get contaminated oil dripping onto equipment and food if your drip gutter is full of fat.

When grease from cooking does not accumulate in your range hood, it travels to other kitchen areas and clogs appliances nearby.

The buildup of fat and grease is also a fire hazard. Having grease-laden ducts and filters inside the hood can lead to a kitchen fire, igniting the grease. So cleaning the canopy often can reduce that risks.

Here are some other services that CGC Canopy Cleaning provide that can use whenever needed.

Exhaust Fan Cleaning

Exhaust fan Cleaning is essential to the Kitchen Exhaust system. A groomed exhaust fan will dismiss heat and smokes. Control fire sparks and eradicate the odour from the exhaust system.

Kitchen Duct Cleaning

Professional kitchen duct cleaning removes grease and debris, which reduces fire risks and maintains proper ventilation.

Kitchen Exhaust Fan Repairs

Routine maintenance of kitchen exhaust repairs ensures that the exhaust fan operates optimally. 

Stainless Steel Fabrication

Kitchen supplies have stainless steel fabrications for durability and resistance. Cleaning and maintenance of surfaces enhance the kitchen’s appearance.

Grease Trap Services

Proper cleaning and upkeep of grease traps prevent blockages and ensure proper functioning.

Conclusion : 

Canopy Cleaning is Importance in Commercial Kitchen

As you have read all the essential points about what canopy cleaning is and why it is necessary for a commercial kitchen, you are peeking for a commercial canopy cleaning service provider in Melbourne or commercial canopy cleaning in Sydney.

Whatever your commercial kitchen cleaning needs, CGC Canopy Cleaning is here to assist. Reach us for a quote now.