Kitchen Duct Cleaning

Protect Your Motor And Keep The Exhaust Airflow Strong

CGC Hand Reach Kitchen Duct Cleaning

CGC canopy cleaning specialises in kitchen duct cleaning, hand reach kitchen duct cleaning always included in our full canopy cleaning services. Our company also provides kitchen duct repairs, kitchen duct replacement and kitchen duct extension.

CGC Commercial & Industrial Duct Cleaning Services

We are specialist in commercial and industrial duct cleaning Services. We cleaned commercial & industrial exhaust ducting system.

  • Shopping centre exhaust duct cleaning
  • Commercial duct cleaning
  • Food manufacturing exhaust duct cleaning
  • Hospital duct system cleaning
  • Food manufacturing exhaust duct cleaning
  • Car park exhaust duct cleaning
  • Industrial duct cleaning for manufacturing and production
Commercial Kitchen Duct Cleaning Melbourne

GCC Commercial and Industrial Duct Cleaning Clients Included; 

  • Westfield and Chadstone shopping centres exhaust duct system cleaning, 
  • St Vincent hospital commercial duct cleaning
  • Melbourne airport commercial duct cleaning
  • Main Freight and Bosch Industrial duct cleaning

We remove grease, grimes, and hazardous dirt inside commercial exhaust duct and HVAC ducting system. 

Our commercial duct cleaning services removes new and old grease that turns in to dry fuel and potentially start a fire. Exhaust duct cleaning is crucial to your commercial and Industrial duct cleaning schedule.

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Commercial Duct Cleaning

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